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About me

Hi I’m Chris Page! I'm a student at University of Lincoln studying Computer science. I enjoy the wonders of technology and the almost infinite possibilities it can create. I wish to be at the forefront helping to develop revolutionary software or hardware. parallel computing, deep learning and cluster computing all interest me greatly as they have huge possibilities particularly parallel computing which is becoming more prominent as new CPUs with more cores become more popular.

I'm also very fond of playing video games to relax and to make small games to improve my programming skills. Video games is still a growing industry and to be able to work on a game that is enjoyed people would be a lot of fun.

During the weekends at night I am off at work at the bar. While it is a simple job you must be quick on your feet to serve customers drinks, clean the glasses, restock the bar and mop up any wet floors from spilt drinks. I enjoy working with my colleagues, we work as a team to make sure all our customers leave satisfied.



This website was made for a University assignment, it uses various animations with SVGs and JavaScript functions such as local storage.

(I have no affiliation with lacoste and the project was simply used for an assignment)


A small unfinished clicker project that is developed using mainly HTML5 and JavaScript. It also uses phonegap to run on android devices. A lot of the features on the game do not work ye or have not been implemented yet.

Sort and Search

A website to teach viewers on how to search and sort data with code examples for users to learn and implement from. It also has information on big O notation and important aspect for sorting and searching data

Octo Icon Creator

A project uses SVGs, Jquery and JavaScript to create a dynamic image creatorby manipulating the vector values.

Web related languages


Strong knowledge and years of experience with PHP. I have used PHP with MySQL and various frameworks.


Years of experience using HTML5 combined with CSS. Have done multiple modules involving web development. Used Bootstrap and other frameworks.


Extensive use of JavaScript to make small games, interactive websites and animations. Used libraries like JQuery.

Programming languages


First progreamming language I learnt from and used to create a small word hang man game.


Created small projects and used SFMl to create animations and procedural generationn. Beginning to learn OpenGl and Parrelel computing within C++.


Extensive knowledge and use of C# used in algorithms to sort large data with big O notaion. Used C# to link with MySQL.

Networking skills

Ubuntu server

I have my own provate server i use to test small projects and used for a game server to play with friends when i wish to relax.


I have used MySQL in my assignments to create small forums and to work with frameworks. I have used both phpmyadmin and MySQL with command line.

Education and Qualifications

HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals.

BTEC level 3 Software development.

Currently Studying

Bachelors Computer science degree at University of Lincoln.

Work Experience

Two weeks of experience with IT department working on the server with Ubuntu Server at NIBSC.

Week experience at Public Health England, shadowed the employees and helped with smaller tasks.

Week experience at Bloor Homes working with CAD software.


Besides from programming in my spare time I also do art on occasion, I like to do art in hopes to improve my knowledge of design and I just generally enjoy creating pieces of art. I have tried different styles like pixel art, but I mostly stick with vector graphics since I can create precise curves. When I’m not at home I am with friends having a drink or out for a meal.

Lastly I am a moderator on a forum called Gigarocket it is a web developers forum with free web hosting. I make sure all the posts are quality not spam. The website is relatively popular and gets a lot of traffic and spammers are frequent so I am on every day to help keep the forum clean. They also host this website.